2014/2015 Executive Team

Please help me welcome the incoming 2014/2015 Executive Team:

Noga Vaisblat (President)

Jordan Simao (VP Community)

Kate Danilova (VP Programs)

Nan Yu (VP Finance)

VP Public Relations
SIDERITE Coordinator

RHA 2014 Award Winners!

A total of 23 nominations were received. Thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to nominate a deserving peer. While many nominees are worthy of recognition, the committee ultimately had to pick out the winners, and the winners will be invited to the Residence Services Community Awards Night! Congratulations!

NOW HIRING 2014-2015

The Resident Halls Association of the University of Alberta includes every resident of the University as a member and works to represent them and to advocate on their behalf. The Association is dedicated to providing an enriching experience for all residents.

As members of the Executive Committee, the Vice Presidents of the RHA provide leadership, services and support to students living in residence at the University of Alberta. Each position has a distinct role within the organization.

Each VP will receive an honorarium $400 in each the Fall and Winter Terms, for a total of $800 payable in installments once per semester, while the Siderite coordinator gets $250 per semester for a total of $500.

To apply: please submit the following documents to uarha@uarha.ca

  • a one page cover letter
  • a (max) two-page resume highlighting your previous experience with residence and any other leadership experience

To be eligible: You must have lived in a UAlberta residence for at least one year. During the 2014-2015 office term, you’re not permitted to occupy another executive position within a Residence Association, or a paid position with UAlberta Residence Services. 

Questions? Email RHA President Patrick Cajina Cortez at uarha@uarha.ca.

Deadline: Monday, March 31 2014 @ 6pm

Terms of office:  May 1, 2014 – April 30, 2015

2014 Awards

The Residence Halls Association provides these awards for residents of UAlberta. Nominate someone you wish to recognize in your community! Winners of past RHA Awards can be found on the Wall of Honour.

Deadline for nominations are Monday March 17, 2014 at 5pm.

All the information can be found HERE!